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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Just a quick note to say I'm guest posting on yellowtrace again today. Click here to read my post (or should I say, extreme gush-fest?) about architectural hand drawings.

To run in parallel, I thought I'd share these utterly unique pencils designed by Fumiaki Goto of Cotogoto Design. These "drawing vessels" are manufactured using the same process as a normal pencil; they are a baked mix of graphite and ceramic. However, these are shaped into giant meringue like drops with the graphite concentrated at the tip so avoid muddying your fingers. I think of them as sculptural drawing candies for the fingertips.

I imagine these would invite a very different way of drawings. It would be less about detail and more about broad brush gestures.

I must say they are almost too beautiful. I think I'd suffer from severe plastic-on-the-couch-syndrome if I were ever to own one!

Images via Minimalissimo and Present and Correct.
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